Friday, June 4, 2010

motivation for Tester

I was thinking what use to be the biggest motivation for me to deliver good quality of software i test .Is it appreciation from my manger or from my peers or from fellow developers when they appreciate about the how good the bug i reported.

Yes these things motivate me too bu the thing which motivate me most is fixing of bug i reported .There how it goes whenever i file a bug(lets say critical) for any feature and if i try to find any other bug on that feature it is always difficult to find .Most of time i cannot go beyond my earlier bug i know it is not good for a tester but i guess it is psychological effect which does not allow me to see beyond .

So keep me motivated i need my earlier bugs to be fixed and that is the biggest motivation for any tester .Once you get your bugs fixed you will be interested in testing more, to get more issues .

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