Sunday, October 17, 2010

Optimization through video recording

Last week I got request from my colleague to run one of his automation on particular time at night. He told me he could not access internet at that time because he would be traveling. He was suspecting some timing issue because of which automation was hanging. Automation sometimes run at 12'o clock midnight which was changing the date and causing automation to fail.

I had some context of that automation but not complete knowledge, so he came to me and asked me to start automation by telling me the steps which I need to run. I was busy in some other stuff and in no position to listen to his instructions; suddenly I gave him my test machine with recordMyDesktop (It is a video recording tool) running on it. I asked him to run whatever steps he wants me to perform and that will get captured in video. I told him I will see the video and perform exact steps. I recorded all the steps in video and saved it in my laptop.
At his requested time in night I started the  video and ran through same steps without making any mistake. After that exercise, I felt it is good way to optimize due to following reasons,
-Those  instructions were not important for me to remember so it would have been waste of time to put my effort on that.
-I could  have missed some of the important steps if I would not have recorded the video.

According to me, these types of information or commands which are difficult and unimportant  to remember can be noted or recorded down and can be used in future to save some good amount time .

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